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Front Suspension Kit for 1961-73 1/2 & 3/4 Ton IH 4x4 Pickup & Travelall

Catalog Number:   TP19861
IH Number:
Vehicles: Travelall
Related Parts:
Call to Order: 888-288-0550
PRICE: $1853.99 each
Detailed Description:
Crawler Proven Technology Front Suspension Kit for Fullsize IH International Harvester 4x4 Pickup & Travelall

Fits 1961-73 IH International Harvester 110, 1100, 120, 1200 Series IH Pickup, Travelette or Travelall

Freshen up the original and sagging leaf sprung front suspension on your IH with this new CPT kit that uses common 1973-87 GM leafsprings.

Includes new Rough Country leafsprings, spring mounts, shackle hangers, Ubolts, Bilstein shocks and required installation hardware.

Minor cutting and drilling of frame is required.

Drill pilot bit, holesaw and jig mounting plate included with the kit.

Year model 1961-68 requires the use of an additional bumper bracket kit that is included when making your selection.

New Ubolt plates not included. For an extra charge add Gold Series CPT Ubolt Plates to your order.

What spring do I choose and how much lift will I get? Those are the two most common questions we get about this kit. We have no way to garuantee exactly how much lift you will receive from the various offered lifts as it will depend on what leafsprings IH originally put in your truck and how worn out they are. But generally speaking this is roughly the amount of lift to expect when using the various offered Rough Country leafsprings:

2" Lift Leafspring - Approximately 1" of lift from stock. Very soft ride. Not recommended for heavy front bumpers. Clears most 33" tall tires.
2" Lift Leafspring w/ Add-A-Leaf - Approximately 3" of lift from stock. Nice riding without being too firm. Clears most 35" tall tires.
4" Lift Leafspring - Approximately 5" of lift from stock. Firm ride. Great for tow rigs and those who haul weight. Clears most 37" tall tires.
6" Lift Leafspring - Approximately 7" of lift from stock. Very firm ride quality. Clears most 38.5" tall tires.

Ubolts and hardware included are intended to fit original IH Dana 44 front axle.

Those using a GM Dana 44 front axle or axle of some other manufacturer may require different ubolts or hardware.

This kit may work on certain 2wd models as well as some 900 series pickups. Different ubolts will be required. Contact our parts department for details.

New extended front brake hoses will be needed for those lifting above stock. Due to the many different brake options IH used it is best to call our parts department to order new front hoses.

Rear suspension lift coming soon! We sell a full line of Lift Blocks and Add-A-Leafs to get the rear of your truck lifted an equal amount. Call our parts department for more details.

CPT parts are Made in the USA. Rough Country Leafsprings are Imported.

PLEASE NOTE - We do not accept returns on leaf springs because of unsatisfactory paint or scratches. These are not "show quality parts" but suspension parts for lifting your IH If these springs are going on a IH strictly for show, and you are not happy with the coating that comes on these springs, be prepared to paint them to your satisfaction.

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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