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Wiring Harness Replacement Complete 1961-1968

Year Range: 1961 - 1968  
Catalog Number:   TP19659
IH Number: 241101R91, 241100R91, 878039R91241536R91, 241099R91, 241103R91, 266616C91, 259260C91, 259259C91, 25
Vehicles: Travelall
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Call to Order: 888-288-0550
PRICE: $289.41 - $1658.01 each
year range:
Wiring Harness Replacement Complete  1961-1968
Detailed Description:
You will receive complete - under dash, right head light, left head light, engine and rear harnesses for your year. We can also build you a blade fuse update (for an additional $275.63).

Replaces every wiring harness in your 1961-1968 IH pickup, Travelall (excluding travelalls with electric tailgate windows) or Travelette. Some Travelall's had electric tail gate windows which the wiring for is separate and not included. If you have an electric window and you want to order that harness, please ask for item number TP19005. There are subtle changes that occur depending on year, so make sure you select the specific year range that your vehicle falls into.
These harnesses have three different groupings. 1961-63, 1964-66, 1967-68.

These harnesses are exact replicas of the original International Harvester harnesses that came in your vehicle. All connectors are included.

Instead of trying to hack together a harness with a bird nest of loose wires, we supply a custom-made replica that is plug-and-play and ready to go. The time and annoyance saved is well worth the price.

The specific wiring harnesses that are included are as follows:
1. Underdash
2. Left headlight and turn signal
3. Right headlight and turn signal
4. left engine harness.
5. Right Engine harness
6. Rear harness. (Plugs into left engine harness. )

We have been recreating original IH wiring harnesses for 20 years and are the most trusted source for International Harvester wiring, whether you have a Scout, Pickup, Travelall or Travelette.
Complete 1968 only TP19659
1968 requires TP19792 , underdash, 362394c91
TP19793 , right engine- alternator, Starter
right engine Head light, 341-016c91, 362415c91
TP19794 , Rear, Travelall, 365010c91
TP19795 , Left engine head light, 362414C91
Left engine-rear & transmisson oil
Possibly: electric window tail gate TP19005 for Travelall only.

Wiring Harness Replacement Complete  1961-1968

Call to Order: 888-288-0550
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